To provide safe, efficient public transportation for Sandusky County by working in partnerships with families, business and communities.
Public Transportation for Sandusky County

Operated by WSOS Community Action Commision, Inc. in partnership with other community organizations.


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PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FOR SANDUSKY COUNTY Operated by WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. in partnership with other community organizations

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What does it cost?
Passengers are expected to pay a minimal fee for using this system. The county is divided into three zones. Each carries a different fare. The system will operate up to one mile in adjoining counties. Fares are:
County Zone Fare Map, Zone 1 is Fremont City - $1, Zone 2 is Ballville and Sandusky Townships - $2, and Zone 3, the rest of Sandusky County is $3
ZONE 1 (City of Fremont)
$1 per one-way trip

ZONE 2 (Ballville & Sandusky Twps)
$2 per one-way trip

ZONE 3 (remainder of the county)
$3 per one-way trip

carries the higher fee. e.g. the cost of
going from zone 1 to zone 2 is $2 per trip.